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Friday, December 21, 2007

Rihanna Revealed All In Allure

On being bullied at school for being too ‘white’: “I was a little confused as a kid because I grew up with my mum, and my mum is black. So I was cultured in a very ‘black’ way. But when I go to school, I’m getting called ‘white’. They would look at me and would curse me out. I didn’t understand. I just knew I saw people of all different shades and I was light. Now I’m in a much bigger world.”

On Relationship with Beyonce:
“She’s Beyonce, and I’m (her) new protegee. When we see each other we say hi. We’re not enemies, but we’re not `friends’ friends.”

On dating Josh Harnett rumors:“This is what really happened. He and my management, they have each other’s contact information. I went to (the New York club) Pink Elephant, and he came by. All of a sudden, the next day, I’m seeing that we were kissing and hugging up each other. You can’t even go out with a friend who’s a celebrity and have a good time without people making (bleep) up. Well, at least he’s good-looking, right?”

On her “edgy” haircut:“The label didn’t want me to do this look. But cutting my hair, it made me stand out as an artist. I don’t care who likes it — this is me.”

Rihanna - Allure Magazine
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