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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Rihanna Bang On Vibe Vixen

Rihanna - Vibe Vixen pictures

Vibe Vixen has released it’s final issue with Rihanna on the cover, and in true Vibe style, they sent me my digital and print issues weeks late. I am somewhat forgiving though as this issue doesn’t appear to be half as boring as many of the others. Hoping to go out with a bang, Vixen not only featured Rihanna on the cover and in an amazing fashion spread, but also had a great round table discussion with various women in the entertainment field about the representation of Black women in the media and even threw in a little scandal by featuring a very in depth interview with Karrine Steffans.

Rihanna - Vibe Vixen
Rihanna Pictures Rihanna Pictures Rihanna Pictures Rihanna Pictures Rihanna Pictures
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